Our History & Vision


Manitoba has a steep and rich heritage when it comes to International Speed Skating. Throughout the last 30 years, the City of Winnipeg has produced a crop of highly decorated Winter Olympians. Among these exceptional athletes are: Cindy Klassen, Susan Auch & Clara Hughes. The skaters; and the ones who have followed, epitomize the sacrifice, focus and dedication it takes to become an elite athlete.

The Ice Centre for Excellence to be built in Winnipeg will honour this example of commitment, by aiding our present and future athletes in their quest for Excellence.


To construct a World Class indoor oval and training centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba



Susan Auch Oval Facility Upgrades completed (new outdoor mats)
Feasibility Study completed for refrigerated ice installation


ICE 2020 applies for Charitable Status
Active quotation process underway to install refrigerated ice at Susan Auch Oval
Capital Raise Requirement: $1,000,000


ICE 2020 to seek funding for formal indoor oval business plan
Acquire the services of a fundraising champion


Break ground on New Indoor Facility


Complete construction of indoor facility
Grand Opening of ICE 2020

Our Team

Jarret Hannah

Jarret is the President of Gel Marketing Group Ltd. After an extensive career in various advertising mediums, Jarret formed GEL in 2008. Jarret created the I.C.E committee out of the passion he saw within his children toward speed skating. “It’s a shame we don’t have a covered speed skating oval in Winnipeg”. “With our steeped history of accomplishment in the sport, it seems odd that our athletes have to move to Calgary to achieve further success in the sport”. Jarret’s goal is to see a covered oval facility in Winnipeg by the year 2020.

Brett Arnason

Brett is the President of Arnason Industries Ltd. At 65 years of age, he is still very active in his position. In addition, Brett owns and operates; Arnason’s Icelandic Horse Farm. Brett skated briefly in 1966 and returned to the sport in 2002 after a 36 year absence. As he embraced the sport it has become a passion and Brett competes all over the world in Masters competitions. Brett represents Canada as Vice President on the International Masters Speed Skating committee. Brett believes that speed skating is an amazing sport and he wants to contribute to the sport in any way he can.

Brian T. McConnell

Brian is President of McConnell & Associates Ltd. Founded in 2003, the company manages sales activities of Global Parts Suppliers to the North American OEM Automotive Market with offices in Winnipeg, Canada, Detroit, USA and Mexico City, Mexico. Brian is a graduate of The University of Winnipeg and Red River Community College. He has been involved with the Manitoba Speed Skating Association for the past twenty-two years. Brian held the position of V.P. of Officials from 2001 to 2005 and was Manitoba Speed Skating Associations’ President/Past President from 2005 to 2008.

Susan Auch

It was December 1975 when a young Susan Auch first raced around Winnipeg’s Sargent Park Speed Skating Oval, now re-named the Susan Auch Speed Skating Oval.
Dividing her time between short track and long track speed skating, Susan qualified for the National Short Track team in 1985. After three World Championships, she qualified for the 1988 Olympic team where she won a bronze medal with the 3000m relay team.